HOMINTERN? Homo-comintern.

Prefrontal paranoia meets anal vision. We provide a proscenium for those plotting to overthrow the present, who wish to meet it with the conspiratorial disingenuity it demands.

We’re looking for essays, reviews, refuse, prose, poetry, games, hatchet jobs, doodles, immanent dialectical critique, field notes, interviews, sounds, ‘work’. Blueprints for an orbital sissification cannon. Notes on the relations between fractions of the ruling class in Laos. A portrait of a bathhouse through the water wars. Against ‘reparative reading’. Interviews with strangers about cobalt and sorghum. Medieval sodomy manuals. Yes. Welcome to the HOMINTERN.

Essays and reviews

The tone is serious, not academic. Citations encouraged, but leave out the literature review. No word limit, but please give us more than 800 at least. We are not looking for your manifesto, your Cthulhucene reading of season 5 of a Netflix show, MFA-style appeals to the emancipatory potential of your hobbies, or your term paper.

Other creative work

No formal restrictions.

Pitches, submissions and inquiries can be addressed to homintern@protonmail.com

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