A Matter of Politics

это вопрос политики

Th‘In this dark adored adorned gehenna say your farewells m/y very beautiful one m/y very strong one m/y very indomitable one m/y very learned one m/y very ferocious one m/y very gentle one m/y best beloved to what they, the women, call affection tenderness or gracious abandon.

Monique Wittig, The Lesbian Body Trnaslated from the French by David Le Vay

we fucked as if we were fucking for everyone
fucked up in the black membranes of blinding night
esse est percipi, having forgotten and killed in every aperture
sliding wormholes
re-inhabiting myself re-melting everyone else
every night I was collecting myself in this fucking
I was gathering myself in this long big love
and having gathered myself so that blood festered in my cunt
turned into a moat
turned almost seamlessly
all broken pieces regenerated
how near stitchlessly your body reassembled
every night as I looked for your pieces
I thought
about the men who smashed you to bits
about the bastards who ate your pieces
about your brazen bones
within gnawed rotting meat
about this pitch black love of mine
forgetting ontological divisions
forgetting borders in entwined contours
the contours did not hurt
we entered a new invincible world
and fucked so that time would freeze up
it was becoming a matrix
the pink vagina
of a new utopia
it collected the whole world and inverted it
just so that after three years
you could leave me for a right-wing propagandist
I already see how she spins the rallies
I go to giving me
the Judas Kiss
reads Dugin and then licks you out
with tongues of violent militarism licks you
after the award ceremony on the fucking red square
I know more about her than you do for we had
a tender friendship
a tender tender friendship
esse est percipi tender tender friendship
cunt is an organ of knowledge tender friendship
lesbian jihad or tender tender friendship
lesbian jihad begins with a faithful bitch
lesbian jihad or the debate between Spinoza and Hobbes
lesbian jihad or the half of a Labrys
lesbian jihad
carthago delenda est


she will fuck you
            knowing all my texts
about your cunt and its bitter wetness
she will fuck you like shit darling
            since a good fuck
is a matter of politics
and that’s why
our fucking back then
            was so good

Translated from the Russian by Alex Karsavin.

LOLITA AGAMALOVA was born in 1997 in Grozny. She lives and works in Moscow, studying philosophy at ГАУГН. Her spheres of interest include — feminist ontology/epistemology, utopian studies, and affect theory. She has been published in the journals «Остров», «Гендерные исследования», and the online publications «Полутона», «Сноб» and «Ф-письмо на Syg.ma». She is an activist in lesbian feminist and leftist movements in Russia. She was longlisted for the Аркадия Драгомощенко prize (2019).