the genetic text


            Evening, so it’s gelatinous. Something demotic orange. In the sky a blue phase is
deferred to the oncoming jade of nonfluorescent night. Unrest.


                                             folly                       haptic
jewel                     vibration             night                             experience         the minor
                                                                           infrapolitical                                                   zephyr

            Grammar is civic, it can be disturbed
by destroying the pictorial. Loving witches prancing in the grass (Macbeth) is haptic
yet simulations of a person — as pictorial or ruled — have no movement, so wage labor
is the opposite of prancing.


Sailors peopling the docks at night as sailors. Living on the podzolic earth
                        the testostoronic sailors are
in constant motion and ill temper having to work excruciating
tasks and hours they are sleepy
                        in the oblong jade or respiratory night


            Men fucking outside, so it’s not winter. Distant airplanes gnarl the stratospheric
air like it is turned or whisked. The planes are above the two men fucking in the same
erotic petal sky.


            Honeyvoiced birds declaring in the final or aerated breeze. The birds are
sensitive to perching, noise, and silent worm potential.




ANDREW J SMYTH was born in Danbury, CT in 1993. He lives in Philadelphia and is studying poetics at the University of Pennsylvania.