Editors and how to Contact Them.

HOMINTERN is an international magazine of leftism, homosexuality, and conspiracy. We publish essays, reviews, poetry, prose, visual, and audio work. Submission details are available on clicking through the ‘CONTRIBUTE’ link on the homepage in your preferred language. All editors are reachable through homintern@protonmail.com.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Marguerite is relaxed. She is 6’0.99".

EDITOR L.A. Leere is upset. They are 6’1".

POETRY, PROSE AND TRANSLATION EDITOR Alex’s work explores the channelways between poetry of witness, Marxism, and environmental history. They are 5'11.75"

POETRY/PROSE EDITOR Jesi is interested in any and all money making opportunities. They are 5'8"

Our EDITOR AT LARGE is @neet_telemachus. They claim to be 'about 6'3"'.

Our TRANSLATORS and ILLUSTRATORS are credited on individual pieces, aside from @calmness_totem, who gave us the logo. We wouldn’t be HOMINTERN without any of them.